From my parents, I always went to mass. For 51 years, I have gone to the Paul VI Mass because I did not know the Traditional Mass.

Little by little, I no longer found myself in the modern mass.

My bishop taught me that if there is a porch and an airlock in a church, that meant that as soon as we passed the airlock, we had to be silent, and that is no longer the case. I could not any more. I thought I was in the market halls of Bayonne.

The hands of priests are Holy and I could no longer accept that lay people can give the Holy Host when their hands are not Holy.

I was tired of lay people reading the readings.

The Sacred fell into the catacombs. In the churches I went to, I saw that there was no longer a Holy Cross on the Holy Altar.

I had an aunt, now in heaven, who referred me to the traditional mass.

From now on, I receive communion on my knees and on my tongue.

Confession is always there before mass and after mass.

And what about Gregorian chants? They are magnificent, I always get chills from them.

The priest who educated me at Holy Mass spoke to me about the devil and purgatory whereas before no priest had spoken to me about it.

Jean-Pierre’s testimony :